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Bus stops: A10 and Church St

The bus stops on the Great Cambridge Road (A10) and along Church Street from The Green to Ridge Avenue / Village Road.
Please note that most pages on this site have had little attention since the end of 2005 so may be somewhat out of date. Even if some parts of the page have clearly been updated that does not mean all the page has.

Great Cambridge Road

The 217 and 231 buses run along the A10 Great Cambridge Road and there are five bus stops in the Lower Edmonton area (on each side of the road that is!).


Although outside the N9 postcode, the "Trinity Avenue" bus stops were always the most convenient for the Galliard Estate so I include them here.

The third photo shows the "Trinity Avenue" bus stop on the east side of the Great Cambridge Road as it was during mid-2003. If you look at it closely you will see something odd. It omits the 231 from the list of routes and instead lists the 629 school bus. The 629 runs via Enfield Town and London Road. It was still wrong when I looked in June 2004.


The next bus stops to the south are for "Bury Street" and they have been staggered either side of the junction, in this case coming after the junction.

The bus stops for "Church Street" are again staggered but this time before the junction.


South of Church Street the next bus stop is just past the pedestrian underpass by "Deansway". There is a stop on the other side of the road on the north side of the underpass. Note that unlike the previous stops these are request stops.

The last stops in Lower Edmonton are roughly on the border and are again request stops. One is just past "Westerham Avenue" and the underpass. The other is roughly opposite and for "The Fairway".

Church Street

Apart from the W6 and 616 poking their noses in, Church Street is the domain of the Wally 8.


The first stops on Church Street at the north end are outside Keats Parade and the Charity School and are marked for "Edmonton Green Station" which is fair enough.

Next west are the pair for "All Saints Church" which would also be appropriate for Winchester Road, Victoria Road and Latymer Road.


Going west there is a request stop for "Haselbury Road" just before the junction. On the other side of the road there were two stops not very far apart about 50-100 yards either side of it. One was labelled "Arthur Road" and the other one is again called "Haselbury Road".

Riding the route in July 2004 I noticed that the Arthur Road stop had gone and been replaced by one marked for Edmonton Fire Station which was indeed just east of the fire station (and opposite a back entrance to Latymer All Saints school).


The next stops are the pair for the A10 "Great Cambridge Road" staggered a little way before the junction on each side of the road. On the west side the stop needs to be a little further down because of the milk depot entrance.

This are followed by a pair just south of the junction with Little Bury Street, or as the bus stop has it "Lower Edmonton School". Edmonton County Lower School is what they meant :-)


The last stop westbound/northbound in Church Street is marked for "Ridge Avenue". It is outside Ridge Avenue clinic and library. I am sure there never used to be a stop on the other side of the road but riding the route in July 2004 I noticed that a "Blakesware Gardens" stop has appeared just south of said road.

For completeness and interest (?) I have shown the next nearest stop which is outside Bush Hill Parade. I should imagine it is named for "Church Street", as was the bus stop on the other side of the junction on Ridge Avenue going northbound when I looked. If you are using the 329 bus these are the important stops.

I've since noticed that there is a stop more or less opposite the Bush Hill Parade one which is also marked as "Church Street" (not illustrated). I don't know if that is fairly new or if I've never noticed it before. I'd always assumed the two I mentioned before formed a staggered pair.

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