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Bus stops: Hertford Road

The bus stops along the Hertford Road from the boundary to The Green.
Please note that most pages on this site have had little attention since the end of 2005 so may be somewhat out of date. Even if some parts of the page have clearly been updated that does not mean all the page has.

Hertford Road

The Hertford Road is served by the 279 and 349 buses and part of the way by the 191 which wanders off around Nightingale Road and Bounces Road. The W8 serves the part south of Bounces Road.


The first stops in Lower Edmonton at the north serve the Galliard Road and Nightingale Road junction and are labelled accordingly. They are actually a good fifty yards or so north of it. On the southbound side the 491 is served by a separate "Southfield Road" stop about fifty yards back up the road.

The next stops are quite reasonably named as for Cuckoo Hall Lane. Though that is a fairly anonymous looking side road it is long established and runs across Nightingale Road to meet Charlton Road near the railway.


The next stops are for Tramway Avenue and are staggered either side of it. Tramway Avenue was once the bus garage for Edmonton and so quite busy for buses. It is now just another anonymous looking bus stop.


The typical pairing of bus stops is broken with the next sequence. On the northbound side there is on just north of Houndsfield Road, then on the southbound side there is one south of Forest Road and then back on the northbound side one for Denny Road.

The first two are also marked for Jubilee Park on the location plate. This is presumably because there is an entrance to the park off Houndsfield Road though the Tramway Avenue stops are just as close to park entrances.


We now get another staggered sequence of bus stops, this time favouring the southbound side of the road. First there is a stop outside St Edmund's School just north of the junction with Bounces Road. Then south of Croyland Road on the west side of the road there are separate stops for the 279 / 349 which run along the Hertford Road and for the 191 / W8 which need to turn right into Bounces Road and so need more leeway. Since 10th July 2004, this latter stop is where the 191 starts its northbound journey and the buses stand just to the south.

Finally back on the other side of the road there is a stop named for Monmouth Road just north of the junction with said road. This seems a little redundant to me but I suppose could have a role to play if ever they needed to divert buses behind The Green. The 192 and W8 services stopped serving this stop in July 2004 in favour of a new one mentioned below.


The last stops in the Hertford Road are outside the North Mall of Edmonton Green but curiously they are given the location name of Monmouth Road which is a good 100 yards away and seems rather to overlook a dirty great shopping centre next to them.

When the new 149 service using the articulated buses started in April 2004 I saw them serving this stop when they left Plevna Road. In May I saw one sail straight by so I wonder if stopping there was a temporary arrangement, perhaps until the bus stand was marked out on Plevna Road (though it could have been there already).There was no mention of the service on the flag or on the timetables but there is a ticket machine.


In June 2004 a new bus stop was marked out nearer the Monmouth Road junction and the location of a shelter was indicated on the pavement. New Road has been marked out for an alighting only bus stop and four bus stands at the north end and has been opened out on to Monmouth Road again.

From 10th July 2004, when the main bus station and the old bus stands closed, this area largely took over the role of the bus station. The original stop was still used by the 279, 349 and 491 and was also where the 191 terminates. It was also where the 102, 144, 149 and 259 routes started from.

The new alighting only stop and stands in New Road were used by terminating W6 and 259 services. The new stop on the Hertford Road was used by the 192, W6 and W8.

The 191 ran around the roundabout after terminating and stood on the Hertford Road itself just before the northbound "Bounces Road" bus stop where it started the return journey. This somewhat surprised me when I first realised it.

One does wonder why they couldn't have got all this sorted out before the 149 came along and disrupted things.

I largely lost track of developments at the end of 2005 but apparently on 9th December 2006 the New Road stands were closed and the 259 and W6 started terminating in Plevna Road pending the opening of the bus station.

Apparently when the new bus station opens southbound services via the Angel will actually continue to serve stops in this approximate location rather than using the new facility.

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