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Bury Lodge Park and Churchfields

Bury Lodge Park and Churchfields Recreation Ground serve the west side of the town.
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Bury Lodge Park


Bury Lodge Park, sometimes referred to as Bury Lodge Gardens, is on the south side of Bury Street West and goes back as far as Salmon's Brook. The front of the park is an attractive ornamental garden centred on a pond with brick pillared pergolas (?) leading to it, and behind it is an open playing field where Salmon's Brook runs behind the railings.


The children's playground is tucked to the side behind Salisbury House gardens and includes a large paddling pool. There is also a bowling green on the other side of the playground. I don't know if that is accessed via the park or if there is a separate entrance.


Churchfields Recreation Ground


We always called Churchfields Recreation Ground the "V dump" and I always thought it was originally called Victory Park but I guess I am imagining things. Certainly there was a large concrete V at the entrance. The above photos taken on a sunday suggest it isn't a hive of activity! The buildings in Churchfields have an interesting past as Subterranea Britannica will reveal.

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