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A token page covering school buildings.
This has always been something of a token page on school buildings and it seems destined to remain that way. Comments will date from 2005 or earlier.


The photos above show Edmonton County Upper School. In my time there the two storey science and dining block (visible on the right of the second photo) was already present but the big new structure (middle of second photo) is much more recent. Both these buildings and other additions to the additonal structure such as the gymnasium have been added without interfering too much with the original look of the building and this to me is the way it should be. The school doesn't actually have the N9 postcode as the boundary runs along the railway line behind it.

There are more photos of the Upper and Lower School on the Edmonton County School Old Scholars' Association site.


This first photo above is a bit of Houndsfield School viewed from opposite Cleveland Road. When I was young there was also a secondary school which along with Eldon had Mandeville as an upper school. However a new lower school was opened and the school became known as Salisbury School. There are now plans to reduce the intake to the school so it can be consolidated on the lower school site. Houndsfield School can also be seen from Jubilee Park (other photos). Somehow I'd never really grasped that all the buildings shown are on the same site.


Haselbury Road has four schools on its west side. Hazelbury Junior and Hazelbury Infants schools lie back from the road a bit and are mostly obscured. They also have an entrance on Westerham Avenue. West Lea School lies to the north but set much further back.


Then comes The Latymer School which lines the street up to Church Street recreation ground. I know The Latymer School, the one remaining grammar school in Enfield, has had substantial new buildings in recent years but if they are visible from the street they are beautifully blended in. The photo right shows the rear of the school looking across the recreation ground from the Cambridge Road.

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